Tuesday 18 June 2013

Gig this FRIDAY 21st JUNE and Lyric Video for TOTWA

This Friday, 21st June 2013

We play live at MIDSUMMER BASH - 5 band pile-on of heavy, riffmungous alternative metal and grungy beefy hard rock. To be followed by a DJ and much partying.

Doors 7.30pm


THE DREJ - www.facebook.com/thedrej / www.thedrej.com

Formed out of the hell fires of the Holloway Rock City scene, London, England, The Drej tread the line between Hard Rock, Punk, Alternative and Metal. One minute they deliver a punch to the gut, the next a smooth and loving chorus ready to get stuck in your head. This is a band that really means what they sing. And the passion is felt every time.

CRYBABY DEATHMATCH - www.crybabydeathmatch.blogspot.com

3 Piece band. Alternative rock plus doom rock plus old school heavy metal and punk. Originally formed as Needlebliss in the late 90s when they were still at school in north London, playing rip off music of Iron Monkey at the time. They kept jamming and jamming and listening to a lot of down-tuned blues metal then eventually decided to play some gigs and write proper songs, mixing doom and desert rock vibes with alternative rock, punk and hardcore, a ton of heavy metal and some twisted Motorhead-on-acid style rock n roll.

ARCANE MILITIA - www.reverbnation.com/arcanemilitia

This five piece rock/metal militia have been together only since early 2012, with their music a unique blend of styles ranging from progressive rock, metal and dirty blues swag. Their sound is recognisable with intensely catchy melodic heavy grooves, cut throat vocal, driving rock bass and stomping drums, gut wrenching guitars and the odd solo thrown into the mix. The pure amalgamation of five passionate and driven musicians is evident in their song writing...every member takes an active role in the song writing process. With their musically diverse background and tastes all adding to the creative mix, their songs emerge from their lengthy jam sessions, each unique, yet definitely unified.

DEATH APE DISCO - www.facebook.com/DeathApeDisco

In the bowels of the giant super volcano which wiped out all life on the Earth 10,000 years ago, A skull-shattering power chord blasted forth and shattered... uh... everything's skulls. From the fires of that great metal eruption was born... 
Death. Ape. Disco.*
*whilst in no way admitting the above is even slightly untrue, Death Ape Disco is a hard rock/alternative/metal band with elements of grunge and influences ranging from bands such as Black Label Society, Alice In Chains, Tool and Vision of Disorder to Down, Crowbar and Nothingface. Formed in Brighton, East Sussex, in the United Kingdom in 2011 (Shit, I mean 8000BC).
Or as getyourrockout.co.uk said about their latest release 'Supervolcano':
"If you can spare a moment, just a single solitary moment to check out a new band that you may just end up wanting to go and see live, make sure this is that band."

KILL YOUR IDOL www.facebook.com/KillYourIdolUK

Kill Your Idol are a four piece garage rock band from East London, they've played around London for the past year and half, and they've recorded two EP's, influenced heavily by bands such as Arctic Monkeys, Foo Fighters, and The Beatles.

from Backlash in London, Mosh at the Beach in Brighton.

New lyric video for TOTWA:

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