Tuesday 28 May 2013


Just to put it on the record once and for all - not that anyone anywhere was asking - while none of us are what you'd call political activists (to say the least)...
Crybaby Deathmatch is proudly ANTI-FASCIST. 
That means fascists of all colours and religions, all unquestioning, compassionless jackbooted bastards that would have us all fight one another endlessly because they do not know how else to control the world around them. Clues include the title of our demo Triumph of the Wounded Animal, which is a parody of the Nazi Olympic 'documentary' Triumph of the Will, which you may have heard of if a) you read b) you heard the fuss previously whenever some bonehead metal band was dumb enough to go near it or c) you paid very close attention to the movie Inglorious Basterds. 
We're making fun of the bullshit 'master race' preening and pouting that people - and by this I mean people of every race, society and belief - are almost inevitably encouraged to take so seriously when it is patently ridiculous. Or at least... as a person of mixed ethnic background myself, I hope that before long it is universally considered ridiculous! I will write more about this subject and at length, but it's something I wanted to share with you for now. Thanks, Coley

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