Monday 8 October 2012

We got an arthritic punk to make an advert for the EP

Actually... no we didn't. Del is the artist in the band, as he is a graphic designer by trade and spends a lot of his time airbrushing spaceships and Amazonian women firing laser guns on geeky websites or some shit like that (I have no idea if that's what he does). He's working on the cover art for the EP as we speak.Coley, unlike Del, literally can't draw very well, even at the best of times, but especially because at the moment his hand looks like this:So he decided to make his own punk collage style publicity photos with old fashioned paper and a camera instead...enjoy...remember...5 TRACKS OF CryBabyDeathMatch, THE FIRST OFFICIAL EP RECORDING...ENGINEERED RECORDED MIXED by Will WICHANSKI...coming AUTUMN 2012!

1 comment:

  1. We need to credit the awesome UK alt model Cervena Fox and her delectable legs for their use in this picture! She was nice enough to allow us to use them when we owned up!!