Tuesday 23 October 2012


Having some recent spare time... I indulged myself in creating three playlists of youtube music vids. Click on the titles to watch!

1. ROOTED IN DOOM... Eclectic and soulful heaviness

Some serious classics and some band favourites. Clutch, Acid Bath, Kvelertak, Tweak Bird, Entombed, The Doors, Creedence, Brutal Truth, Motorhead, Torche and loads loads more. 25 Videos.


No further explanation necessary. Mostly 90s stuff from my teenage metal years, some stone cold megablasters and a few obscurities. The odd laugh out loud moment in the case of the Hammerfall video. Sepultura, Priest, Crowbar, our buddies in Diesel King, Human Remains, Rhapsody, At The Gates and Obituary and loads more!! 27 Videos.
You can check out DIESEL KING here
...and our buds in SKULL BRANDED PIRATES here! Aaaaaaargh!
Hey...it's us! Sort of!


Coley's favourite psychedelic and trippy tunes. Mega-eclectic and a bit of a sense of adventure needed for this journey to the centre of the mind of youtube. British psychedelic vintage from Hawkwind and July, mellow folk/jazz from Pentangle, Sabbath, Sleep, Mr Bungle, my Japanese glam punk pals Lucy and the Lipstix and a bunch of other crazy crazy cats! 17 Videos.

Here's LUCY AND THE LIPSTIX, if you're feeling adventurous...

The EP release is taking shape now and it...well it sounds kind of like a proper record now and don't you worry, it's gonna have a kickass cover and it's gonna like, mean something. At least it will to us, just hope you enjoy it :)

As always cheers and hope you enjoy the videos, thanks for visiting!
Hawkwind's 'Space Ritual' - that's my copy there, nerds!
Crybaby Deathmatch 

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